The 5 best boutique hotels for an authentic and charming stay

Sep 1 2023

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Let’s delve into their captivating world, discovering the secret ingredients that make them stand out. Whether you’re an experienced boutique hotel traveller or a curious explorer eager to try something new, we’ve got you covered. From elegant urban sanctuaries to secluded retreats in the embrace of nature, each boutique stay has its own story to tell. So, pack your bags, open your mind, and start this extraordinary adventure!

Le Chacuel

If you were looking for an exceptional place in the most walkable neighbourhood in San Francisco to recharge yourself with the city’s energy, you have found it here. At Le Chacuel, you will find one of the most privileged locations in the heart of San Francisco, California!

Le Chacuel, San Francisco

Located just steps away from the iconic Painted Ladies Park, this house offers a charming fusion of comfort, charm, and design. Here, you can experience the best of life in San Francisco, with the best cafes, grocery stores, boutiques, dry cleaners, and culinary delights just one block away. No one could resist the quintessential San Francisco lifestyle, enjoying barbecues in the backyard or movie nights with a projector screen, while savouring delicious pizza and wine delivered directly to the loft door.

Cocina, Le Chacuel

As expected, when staying at Le Chacuel, you will have the opportunity to explore the essence of city life to the fullest. Here are some fascinating curiosities that await you.

Puente Golden Gate Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

1. The Golden Gate Bridge: Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and iconic bridges in the world, the Golden Gate is a marvel of engineering and design. Its bright orange colour, spanning 1.7 miles across the Golden Gate Strait, is a spectacle. Did you know that originally it was planned for the bridge to be painted in black and yellow stripes to enhance its visibility in the frequent fog of San Francisco? However, the striking orange-red colour, known as “International Orange,” was chosen and has become an integral part of the city’s identity.

Cable Cars, San Francisco Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash

2. The Cable Cars: San Francisco is one of the few cities in the world where you can still ride on the iconic cable cars. These historic means of transportation have been in operation since the late 19th century and are a fun way to explore the city’s steep streets. Did you know that the cable car system is the last manually operated system of its kind in the world?

Lombard Street, San Francisco Photo by Justin Wolff on Unsplash

3. Lombard Street: Known as the “most crooked street in the world,” Lombard Street is a curiosity that you cannot miss in San Francisco. This one-block stretch, located between Hyde and Leavenworth streets, features eight tight curves, making it a unique and popular tourist attraction.

China Town, San Francisco

Photo by Reuben Rohard on Unsplash

4. Chinatown: San Francisco’s Chinatown is the oldest and one of the largest in North America. It is a vibrant and bustling neighbourhood that immerses visitors in Chinese culture, with its ornate arches, authentic restaurants, medicinal herb shops, and lively street markets. Exploring the busy streets and alleys of Chinatown is a truly immersive experience that highlights the city’s diverse cultural heritage.

For these curiosities and much more, Le Chacuel has more than a privileged location; spending a night here is an invitation to embrace the experience. Come and discover a life of comfort and convenience that awaits you in the heart of San Francisco!


A true architectural gem hidden in the charming Avenida Obispo Ulloa, in the heart of historic Granada, Nicaragua. This private neoclassical villa has undergone a meticulous restoration, embracing a minimalist wabi-sabi aesthetic that radiates tranquillity and timeless elegance.

BAO BEI, Granada

The name Bao Bei, which translates as “treasure” or “baby”, truly reflects the deep affection that this house has for both its owners and its guests. Upon entering, the cosy Sala envelops you, adorned with locally made and custom-made furniture, which seamlessly integrates with hand-worked wooden ceilings and lime-plastered walls.

In the heart of BAO BEI lies a picturesque travertine courtyard, embraced by high brick arches and the relaxing atmosphere of a fountain flowing into the spacious private pool. For a complete tropical immersion, an outdoor shower awaits you, hidden among the lush palm gardens of the villa, inviting you to relax and reconnect with nature.

Exterior, BAO BEI

For foodie enthusiasts, the villa’s spacious kitchen is a true delight, with natural custom furniture, polished concrete countertops, and a generous wooden table for up to 6 people. In addition, the old hallway (garage) has been skilfully reused as a designated workspace, providing the ideal environment for guests to collaborate or work individually.

A handmade curved staircase takes you to the upper level, where three private suites await you, each offering a serene retreat to relax and rejuvenate. This level also has a designated exercise area, equipped with TRX bands, kettlebells, and yoga equipment, ensuring guests maintain their well-being during their stay.

Escalera, BAO BEI

At BAO BEI, your comfort and enjoyment are paramount. With full concierge service, daily cleaning, and night security, you can truly relax and enjoy a hassle-free and pleasant holiday. Immerse yourself in the charm of this accommodation, where the fusion of historic charm and modern elegance creates an unforgettable getaway in an architectural design paradise in the heart of Granada, Nicaragua.

Casa Legado

Casa Legado

A unique boutique hotel in Bogota that has been inspired with passion by the family’s legacy, memories and traditions. Immerse yourself in a unique local experience that reflects your love for life and people. Her sincere desire is to spread happiness and create lasting memories, making sure to leave a mark as you embark on a journey full of warmth and love.

A Fusion: In Casa Legado, we celebrate the wisdom of past generations, the vitality of the present, and the promise of the future. The family hotel is a testament to the immense pride and privilege the founding family has felt. Firmly believing that small acts of kindness can make a big difference, and people will always be at the heart of everything they do.

Casa Legado

Talent, creativity, and vision give life to the house, decorating it with colours and shapes that reflect an artistic spirit. Ask about their ever-changing and secret art collection that showcases the talent of local artists. Casa Legado is more than just a hotel; it is an artistic haven that invites you to embrace the beauty of Colombian culture and creativity.

While Bogota offers a cosmopolitan appeal, Casa Legado promises to reveal the city’s extraordinary and little-known treasures. The goal is to take you beyond the typical tourist spots and guide you to the hidden gems and surprises that make Bogota a truly exceptional city. Embrace the unpredictable, enjoy world-class dining, shopping, and museums, and let the warm and friendly people of the city leave a lasting impression in your heart.

Casa Legado

Casa Legado presents itself as a refreshing oasis in Bogota, deviating from the typical hotels oriented to business travellers. The vision of the owner Helena Dávila was to create a hotel that welcomes leisure travellers, becoming their second home during weekends and holidays. Each of the thirteen unique rooms has its own personality, making your stay a memorable and personalized trip. Embrace the authentic warmth of Casa Legado, where hospitality and art combine to create an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Colombian capital.

Villa Las Parotas

Villa las parotas

Located in Ixtapa, Guerrero, it offers a perfect combination of natural beauty and comfort. Surrounded by lush vegetation and majestic trees, this spacious beach house provides a quiet getaway near the ocean, away from the hustle and bustle of the coast. Whether you are looking for a getaway with family, friends, or your work team, Villa Las Parotas promises an unforgettable experience in a private tropical paradise.

The villa is set in a generous property of 1,600 sq m, providing a wide feeling of open space and a stunning private garden wrapped in lush greenery and magnificent parota trees offering partial shade in the outdoor areas. Along two levels, the villa has four air-conditioned rooms with ceiling fans, a TV room, a fully equipped kitchen, a refreshing pool, and a living and dining room with high ceilings. Stay connected to high-speed internet while enjoying the privacy of this tropical oasis.

Hammock, Villa las parotas

Ideal for various activities, such as exercise, yoga and simply immersing yourself in the quiet atmosphere. Recharge your energy under the sun, listen to music or enjoy moments of tranquillity amidst the natural beauty that surrounds you. The pool offers a refreshing escape with a hydromassage system, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Convenient Location and Secluded Tranquillity: Enjoy the best of both worlds, as this is conveniently located just 20 minutes’ walk from El Palmar Beach. However, when you retire to the villa, you will find yourself embraced by a sense of tranquillity and privacy, making it an ideal sanctuary to relax and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Woman, Villas las parotas

Well? Are you ready to embrace the enchanting beauty of Ixtapa, in Villa Las Parotas.

Casa Manuela Marbella

Living room, Casa Manuela

Would you have imagined finding the true Mediterranean paradise nestled in the heart of Andalusia? Founded by Paula and Eduardo, this exquisite project is a celebration of the beauty of life and the art of living. Casa Manuela is a House of Experiential Art that invites guests to reconnect with themselves, embrace the present moment, and savor the simple pleasures of life. With a focus on wellness, art, design, and sustainability, this minimalist retreat offers a transformative experience that will enrich your mind, body, and soul.

Casa Manuela, interior

The philosophy revolves around true luxury and the ability to direct our energy towards a conscious life and an inner transformation. Entering this extraordinary space, guests immerse themselves in a world of conscious experiences and artistic delights. Inspired by the culture of Andalusia, each guest is invited to authentically connect with the place, experience true luxury, and become masters of their energy, living fully in the present moment. This essence of the art of living is an invitation to appreciate the small details of life and create precious memories of joy and presence.

Located in a private Andalusian-style urbanization between the beaches of Guadalmina and El Saladillo, Casa Manuela offers a charming escape surrounded by peace and tranquillity. The heart of the Mediterranean lifestyle unfolds here, where indoor and outdoor spaces intertwine harmoniously, and warm temperatures encourage outdoor living and the appreciation of nature’s gifts. The natural environment, with the Sierra de las Nieves and the Mediterranean Sea, creates a unique environment for relaxation, hiking, and sensory delight. Benahavis, home to talented artisans and world-class restaurants, contributes to the overall appeal of this captivating location.

Room, Casa Manuela

Designed by Juan Bengoa and materialized with a timeless minimalist character, the curved architecture of Casa Manuela creates a harmonious flow of interconnected spaces. Each area fosters connection, meeting, and reunion with oneself while maintaining intimate corners for personal reflection. With the collaboration of Daniella Van Twee in the interior design, the house becomes an art gallery with charming works and curiosities. Organic and natural textures, complemented by Mediterranean-coloured ceilings and walls, unite the rooms, and infuse the atmosphere with vitality and energy. Completely natural materials, such as stone, wood, lime, and mortar, complete the eco-conscious design, creating a welcoming and revitalizing space.

Interior, Casa Manuela

Come and discover the charm of Casa Manuela, a place where luxury and conscious life intertwine, providing an extraordinary retreat in the heart of Andalusia.

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