Dreamy architecture - Discover three unique design houses in dazzling destinations.

May 29 2023

Caoba Hotels

Get ready to dive into three dream homes located in paradise destinations around the world. Today we begin the tour with the charm of a house surrounded by dense vegetation in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. You will also discover a renewed jewel in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve, where serenity and history come together in a contemporary atmosphere. Finally, we will present you with an luxury getaway in San Jose, with panoramic mountain views and a touch of luxury. Follow us and discover how these architectural wonders integrate perfectly with the natural beauty of their environments.

Casa Altanera

Casa Altanera, Oaxaca

If you are looking for a paradise to disconnect from daily life, Casa Altanera in Puerto Escondido, Mexico is an excellent choice. This complex of houses is located in the middle of dense vegetation and a few meters from the sea, providing an luxury and fantastic environment. In addition, its unique architecture will make you feel like a true paradise.

Casa Altanera is an ecological project awarded a silver medal by the Architects’ Association of the state of Oaxaca. Here, guests can enjoy a unique accommodation experience, fully integrated with nature and without noise or stress of daily life. The staff also prepares delicious food options for guests during their stay.

Casa Altanera, exteriors

This place is perfect for those looking for tranquility, nature, and exceptional architecture, if you want to know more about Casa Altanera and how to book get in contact with our team.

Casa Altanera, room

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience!

Casa Modesta

Casa Modesta is a magical place in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve, an old fishing family home that has been transformed into a rural tourism destination with a contemporary twist.

Casa Modesta, Algarve

With nine rooms with private patios, an organic vegetable garden and a solarium where time flows with the tides, Casa Modesta is the perfect place for those seeking serenity in the middle of nature.

Casa Modesta, stairs

The house’s owners, the grandchildren of the “old sea wolf” Joaquim Modesto de Brito, have kept his grandfather’s legacy alive by turning this house into a life project, a way to preserve his family’s rich history and memories. The door of the house is always open to welcome those who arrive with the same joy with which the children ran into the arms of their grandparents.

Corridors, Casa Modesta

If you are looking for a place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Portugal, look no further and stay at Casa Modesta.

Casa Modesta, outdoor

This place will transport you to a world of serenity and harmony, where history and modernity merge in perfect harmony.

Alianz Loft

“On top of the world: discover the exclusivity of Alianz Loft” Would you like to escape the daily routine in a unique and luxurious space? Alianz Loft is the perfect choice for lovers of architecture and nature.

Alianz Loft, San José

Located just 20 minutes from San Jose Airport, this loft features first-rate amenities, including a covered terrace, bonfire, rabbit garden, barbecue area, basketball court and luxury beds, all surrounded by fascinating mountain views.

Alianz Loft, Kitchen

In addition to its luxury services, Alianz Loft offers two bedrooms, two balconies, and two bathrooms, ideal for sharing great moments surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. Looking for activities to enjoy in a group? The loft has a common lounge, playground, gazebo, and even a small farm, perfect to create unforgettable memories.

Common areas, Alianz Loft

Don’t wait any longer to plan your getaway and enjoy a unique experience at Alianz Loft, where architecture and nature come together to give you the best rest. Book now and discover everything this luxury loft has to offer.

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