Most wonderful reconverted Churches in the World

Oct 25 2022

Caoba Hotels

Are you an architecture lover looking for unusual places that will definitely take you to another era? Keen to lay on your bed while appreciating Gothic, Renaissance or Baroque art? From CAOBA SERIES we are happy to share with you some of the most impressive Churches and chapels, lately renovated and converted into impressive accommodations.

Martin’s Patershof

This special series begins with a majestic yet old Church, converted into a 4-star hotel in the heart of Mechelen, Belgium. A place full of history that offers the incredible sensation of going back to the past… Isn’t that what we are all looking for? The history of this hotel begins in the year 1231, but it was at the end of the 18th century where a neo-Gothic style cloister was built by the Friars Minor, under the strict supervision of the architect Paul Stoop.


After several reconstructions over a few decades, the complex, which had already been converted into a residential area, was bought by Martin’s Hotels group. It was in 2009 when Martin’s Patershof hotel was inaugurated and today welcomes thousands of people, who decide to travel from anywhere in the World to get to know this place, so out of the ordinary.

Would you dare to visit this hotel and learn a little more about its 800-year history? Let the pillars, colored glass and religious details of this accommodation take your breath away.

Photos via Martin’s Patershof.

Shadow House

It was the purpose of preserving the historical representation of this old chapel that dates back to the 19th century, which allowed an extension to be built, for which special materials were used, which managed to create a kind of shadow that makes this place to be completely unnoticed from the outside.

This family home is located in Wiltshire, England. It features a glass walkway that connects to this wonderful chapel. The Jonathan Tuckey Design studio was in charge of creating the Shadow House, managing to adapt to the needs of the family, and being the author of a unique renovation, characterized by its marked and contemporary style.

Who wouldn’t like to have its own chapel? With unique details that differ from any other. CAOBA SERIES we are truly fascinated and eager to see many other Churches, chapels and even cathedrals rebuilt and converted into magic places, where you can spend your sweetest nights. This is literally, like sleeping in heaven…

Photos via Dirk Lindner. Wiltshire, England.

Lady Glenorchy Church

The 170-year-old Lady Glenorchy Church was converted in 2003 into the Glasshouse Hotel, located in Scotland. This historic and luxurious hotel has the most wonderful views of the city center. Today it has a facade between gothic and historical, managing to blend in with the modernist building and the luxurious environment around it.

Going back a bit, the history of this Church is magnificent, as it was initially founded by the altruistic Lady Glenorchy as a free space for the less fortunate in the city of Edinburgh. The chapel was built in the 18th century, but it was later demolished, in 1844, to make room for the development of Edinburgh Waverley railway station.

The old chapel had different uses until 1986, when permission was granted to carry out works on the site where it was located, with the sole purpose of preserving its impressive façade. Only after much debate and discussion, constructions began in the year 2000 and 3 years later the venue was re-introduced to the City of Edinburgh as the Glasshouse Hotel.


Santa Rita’s Catholic Church

We are not surprised to see a masterpiece like this in the heart of Holland and, its one and only capital, admired by many travellers Worldwide… Amsterdam. Santa Rita’s Church, built in 1971, was bombed in 1943, according to Anne Frank’s diary. But after the attacks and the war, its reconstruction and even expansion with a bigger tower began. Unfortunately, its religious use was losing strength over time and from 1992 it fulfilled other functions, such as being a local branch of the municipal library.

Bunk Hotels has redesigned the monumental Santa Rita’s Church in order to satisfy all the needs and expectations of contemporary tourism, as well as its local public. With its own history and atmosphere that dates back more than a century, it becomes a unique place that honors history and commemorates the bombings to which it was subjected. Additionally, the remodeling of the library ensures that visitors do not feel far from home.

This accommodation is located in North Amsterdam, a neighborhood full of life and great potential. Full of touristic places and great interest locations are waiting to be discovered by future visitors. The Santa Rita’s Church, today known as Bunk Hotel, has been recognized for being a reunification space for its inhabitants, but today Bunk surprises and offers lodging that has 106 rooms and teddy bears that make the stay a really pleasant experience.

Something very particular that BUNK hotels present is their prices offering, too accessible from 24€. The reason for such low prices is because of its hotel/hostel concept, which allows anyone to spend a night with the highest comfort, service and excellent company. Would you dare to sleep a night in BUNK? Curiosity makes us feel alive, so… why not?

In addition to having really cheap prices, all the rooms have luxury bathrooms and the beds are large. BUNK hotels guarantee security throughout the day and provide free internet connection and fast browsing. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel with a hostel price… or vice versa, a hostel with luxury throughout its interior.

Go ahead and discover with CAOBA SERIES impressive and unusual lodgings around the world. Let’s plan your next adventure, knowing every detail and relevant information you need, so you don’t lose sight of the trip of your dreams, dear curious. If you want more information or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.

Photos via BUNK.


Located in the heart of the old town of the port city El Jadida, this Church has been converted into a boutique hotel well-known for its beautiful and charming design, inspired by the style of the 1930s. It offers a cozy atmosphere, full of history and corners with incomparable views that surprise everyone who visits it. Guests can choose between the stunning views towards the sea or dine in the lounge, whereas they can enjoy the local cuisine of the city.

If you are looking for an unprecedented place, this definitely meets any expectations. This striking Spanish Church dates back to the 19th century and has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. L’Iglesia has 14 rooms, each one of them furnished and decorated with objects that were found in all the antique shops in Morocco. In addition to its incredible views of the sea and its private beach, which is only 10 minutes from the hotel.

Eight of these rooms are inside the old convent and six are attached to a building that overlooks the old citadel, where the American consulate was once located. The comments about L’Iglesia do not disappoint and highlight that it is an ideal accommodation for couples, families and travelers who want to learn about the rich culture and history of this beautiful and distinguished city.

What does it take to disconnect and experience the unusual and different that these dazzling Churches offer, which today open their doors to citizens from all over the World? If you want to continue reading about the most unusual lodgings in the world, subscribe to our newsletter from our website and find out about all the news that we bring with CAOBA SERIES. In the next volume, discover the most unusual cave houses from all over the planet.

Photos via L’Iglesia.

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